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I don’t know everything. I don’t even know half of everything. So help me out here and answer some of my questions. Of course, some of these questions are asked with a bit of sarcasm. That is, I don’t think you have a good answer. But who knows, maybe you can surprise me and come up with something good and then we can have a nice discussion and hopefully be mutually benefited by it. In other cases, I know what I believe, but I sincerely want to know what you believe or what your religion teaches on a certain subject.

  1. Why Faith?

    As I read in 1 Nephi 17 this morning I’m struck by how dumb the children of Israel who were led by Moses through the wilderness appear to be. As Nephi says in verse 30: And notwithstanding they being led, … Continue reading

  2. If It’s Temporary, Does It Matter?

    If something is temporary does it matter? I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and it has been on my mind a bit more the past 24 hours as my brother in law lies in a hospital bed in … Continue reading

  3. Why Are Jews Offended By Mormons Baptizing Dead Jews?

    This post is not an answer to the broader and really altogether different question “Do Mormons baptized dead people?” which I’ve already answered here. Rather it’s a question I’m asking. In recent years there has been some controversy over posthumous … Continue reading

  4. Top Three Reasons You Left The Mormon Church

    This is a survey. If you consider yourself an active, faithful member of the LDS Church please do not comment on any of the responses unless you are seeking clarification, and then only seek clarification and no more. I will … Continue reading

  5. 2 Questions for Evolution Experts

    These are not rhetorical questions, nor questions designed to get someone into a debate/argument. I’m just curious as to what answers people might have, because as a Mormon I don’t have to disbelieve in the concept of evolution. Could man … Continue reading

  6. Why don’t Mormons mention Christ more?

    I’ve heard the LDS Church and Mormons generally come under condemnation by some for not mentioning Christ more in lessons, talks, books, etc. One person on this blog told me they were going to visit a Mormon church meeting and … Continue reading

  7. What motivates anti-Mormons?

    If you spent more than 15 minutes last month trying to convince someone who is not a family member or friend that some aspect of the Mormon faith isn’t true, then I’m labeling you an anti-Mormon. I just throw that … Continue reading

  8. How much anti-Mormon material is out there?

    Does anyone know how much anti-Mormon material is out there? When I was a missionary back in 1995, I taught a man in a remote city in Brazil. He had been looking for “the right religion” to join for years. … Continue reading

  9. How do you know the Bible is true?

    Disclaimer: If you think I’m saying the Bible is false, you’re wrong. That’s not at all what I’m saying. Read on. I’ve been having an extensive discussion with two chaps on another post on this blog, and they have posited … Continue reading

  10. What would you like God to be like?

    For the sake of this post, forget everything you already know about God. All your preconceptions, everything that comes to mind automatically, everything you’ve been taught, etc. If Bible passages or creeds come to mind, ignore them for this brief … Continue reading

  11. How did Joseph Smith get numerous witnesses to stand by their stories?

    From Jeff Lindsay’s site, where he asks the question “If the gold plates never existed, how did Joseph get numerous witnesses to stand by their stories until their dying day, even when some of them later became angry with Joseph … Continue reading

  12. Joseph Smith – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

    Many have interpreted Matthew 7:15 which read “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” as applying to Joseph Smith, the alleged “prophet” of the Mormons. This scripture is often coupled … Continue reading

  13. How did Joseph Smith get so much right about the Arabian Peninsula?

    This question is borrowed from Jeff Lindsay’s page that asks “How did Joseph know so much about the Arabian Peninsula, including specific names and places that were not known in his day?” To quote from Jeff’s website: Related questions: Was … Continue reading

  14. Is There Anything That Could Convince You That Mormonism is Not True?

    From a question asked by John on 10 May, 2010 here: And, what, if anything would lead you to the conclusion that Mormonism’s foundational stories, personalities and writings are not what they claim to be? Yes, there is. What leads … Continue reading

  15. Am I Mormon Just Because I Was Born Into it?

    From a question asked by John on 10 May, 2010 here: You and I were both born into the church to LDS families. If Mormonism is the one true church, wow…..we really hit the jackpot. Extremely lucky, right? Out of … Continue reading

  16. How much can Mormons take?

    “I have tried for a number of years to get the minds of the Saints prepared to receive the things of God; but we frequently see some of them, after suffering all they have for the work of God, will … Continue reading

  17. If the Bible is inerrant, why are there multiple versions?

    There is a certain group of Christians that believe in “biblical inerrancy” or the idea that the Bible is 100% perfect. Mormons believe the Bible is true “inasmuch as it is translated correctly.” That is, Mormons believe the Bible was … Continue reading

  18. What happened to prophets and apostles?

    If you believe in the Bible, answer me this–where are the prophets and apostles? From Adam down to Jesus Christ there were prophets. It’s how we got the Old Testament. After Christ there were the apostles, and Peter was essentially … Continue reading

  19. How do you know what the words in the Bible mean?

    A friend of mine on Facebook put out the question: What is your interpretation of Hebrews 6:4? Here is Hebrews 6:4-6 4 For it is impossible for those who were once aenlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and … Continue reading

  20. A Question for Evolutionists

    Speaking of evolution, I’ve got a question for those of you who believe that humans descended from apes or cavemen or whoever, in the same evolutionary process by which all other species appear to have originated. This isn’t a contentious, … Continue reading

  21. If Joseph Smith was a fraud where did the Book of Mormon come from?

    Critics say the Book of Mormon is not the word of God, that it is a fraud and false. So then what is your explanation for the existence of the book? It must have come from somewhere. Joseph Smith had … Continue reading

  22. What happens after we die?

    I know what Mormons believe, but I want to know what you believe. What do you think happens after we die? Assuming you get to heaven, what are you going to do there for the next 1,000,000 years?

  23. How do you know the Bible is the word of God?

    “God’s Word does not need verification. It simply is true.” I’m trying to wrap my head around this statement and I just don’t get it. I don’t see any logic here. I mean, of course God’s word is true, but … Continue reading

  24. Is Man-God doctrine more illogical than a God without beginning?

    I was just reading a logical proof that Mormonism is false and it seems to go like this: Mormons believe that God was once a man, and that man can become like God, spawn more men, who can also become … Continue reading

  25. What do you believe about temple worship?

    Jesus worshiped from time to time in a temple, which was a substantially different building than what we would call a “church” today. Some people claim that “the [temple] rituals have been done away with with the destruction of the … Continue reading

  26. Saved by faith alone

    If you belong to a church that teaches you are saved by faith alone, and that “faith” can be defined as nothing more than a verbal pronunciation of “I accept Christ” then I’d like to learn more about your perspective … Continue reading

  27. Where is the logic in being an atheist?

    It seems to me that many atheists are atheists because they don’t find religion to be logical. I can understand that point of view. If I weren’t already a Mormon I’d probably think it was downright crazy too. But it … Continue reading