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Who are these so-called “anti-Mormons”? What is their motivation? Why do they do what they do? Are they sincerely concerned for the souls of Mormons or are they working against God?

  1. Words Are Not Convincing

    In my studies yesterday I came across this scripture which seems applicable to discussions I’ve had with anti-Mormons, as well as honest truth-seekers. These are the words of Lehi as he speaks to his rebellious sons Laman and Lemuel: For … Continue reading

  2. What motivates anti-Mormons?

    If you spent more than 15 minutes last month trying to convince someone who is not a family member or friend that some aspect of the Mormon faith isn’t true, then I’m labeling you an anti-Mormon. I just throw that … Continue reading

  3. How much anti-Mormon material is out there?

    Does anyone know how much anti-Mormon material is out there? When I was a missionary back in 1995, I taught a man in a remote city in Brazil. He had been looking for “the right religion” to join for years. … Continue reading

  4. An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins – Book Review

    This is a review of the book An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins by Grant H. Palmer. With this post I delve into new territory. Although I’ve read plenty of online anti-Mormon material, this is the first time I’ve actually … Continue reading

  5. The Lost Book of Abraham YouTube Video

    On another post where I asked people why they had left the LDS Church, a commenter named Max said this as part of his comment: About two years ago I came across a video on youtube called “The Lost Book … Continue reading

  6. My definition of “Anti-Mormon”

    In response to a question posed by a commenter on this site, I figured it was fair to provide an answer since I do use the term rather broadly at times. I see there being multiple types of anti-Mormons: 1. … Continue reading

  7. How did Joseph Smith carry home the golden plates of the Book of Mormon, and how did the witnesses lift them so easily?

    The full question asked as part of many anti-Mormon pamphlets is: How did Joseph Smith carry home the golden plates of the Book of Mormon, and how did the witnesses lift them so easily? (They weighed about 230 lbs. Gold, … Continue reading

  8. Hebrew DNA Found in South America?

    Anti-Mormons are generally more interested in the matter of Hebrew DNA (or lack thereof) in the America’s than Mormons are, since anti-Mormons rely on it as evidence of the falsity of the Book of Mormon and LDS faith whereas most … Continue reading

  9. Is Mormonism a Cult?

    A lot of people say that Mormons belong to a cult. Is that true? First, it depends on what your definition of a cult is. Here are a few definitions culled from the web. If you have others feel free … Continue reading

  10. Anti-Mormon Modus Operandi

    I’ll admit I’m a novice when it comes to anti-Mormons. I can’t claim to have studied their methods for more than a week or two as of the writing of this post, although during that time I’ve read quite a … Continue reading

  11. Is accurate?

    “If you cannot find an LDS source that contradicts us then we can assume we are correct until an LDS statement comes out in direct contradiction of any statement on the CARM website.” – CARM Representative One of the more … Continue reading

  12. If Joseph Smith was a fraud where did the Book of Mormon come from?

    Critics say the Book of Mormon is not the word of God, that it is a fraud and false. So then what is your explanation for the existence of the book? It must have come from somewhere. Joseph Smith had … Continue reading

  13. Anti-Mormons vs. Logic

    I’ll admit it, I like to debate. I don’t mean I like being in heated, emotional arguments, I mean I like to debate facts and present evidence in a cool and calm manner. For me, the value of debate is … Continue reading

  14. Archaeological Evidence for the Book of Mormon

    While Mormons base their belief in the Book of Mormon on direct communication with God regarding the matter, it’s still fun to see archaeological evidence that supports the Book of Mormon, and a lack of such evidence is commonly used … Continue reading

  15. Honeybees in the Book of Mormon

    Refutation of claim on the CARM website. Claim: The Book of Mormon talks of honey bees, but honey bees were introduced to the Americans by the Spanish. Therefore the Book of Mormon is false and you should not hire Mormons … Continue reading

  16. Does the Book of Mormon teach that Jesus was born in Jerusalem rather than Bethlehem?

    Refutation of a claim on CARM’s website. Claim: Alma 7:10 contradicts the Bible in Matt. 2:1, therefore the Book of Mormon is false and Mormons are sneaky monkeys. References: Alma 7:10 – “And behold, he shall be born of Mary, … Continue reading

  17. Do Mormons believe that God had sex with Mary?

    No. Mormons do not believe any such thing. This is a myth perpetuated by anti-Mormons in order to make the Mormon church look like a bunch of crazy lunatics. We believe that Mary was a virgin before and after she … Continue reading

  18. Difficult Questions for Mormons

    Rats, I was just looking forward to having some fun answering the Difficult Questions for Mormons but I found that the folks over at SHIELDS have already done it. As they point out, none of these questions is particularly difficult … Continue reading

  19. Do Mormons Attack Christians Like Christians Attack Mormons?

    According to some, the answer is yes. “the Mormon church clearly condemns other religious systems. Those Mormons who complain about poor treatment should familiarize themselves with their teachers’ words.” However, the statements made by LDS Church leaders about other religions … Continue reading

  20. Is anti-Mormonism it’s own religion?

    As I’ve researched anti-Mormon materials online I’ve been amazed by the sheer amount of it and it makes me wonder if Mormons are targeted more than other religions, even those religions that are substantially larger than Mormonism. For example, there … Continue reading