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  1. Making Missionary Work Easy

    I recently read The Power Of Everyday Missionaries by Harvard Business School professor and bestselling author Clayton Christensen. Up until this point, I was not a very good missionary in terms of talking to my neighbors and friends about the … Continue reading

  2. LDS Relief Society Trivia

    This past week I had the privilege of preparing a lesson to be taught in the elders quorum of the branch I attend with my family here in Hong Kong. I did not have the privilege of teaching the lesson … Continue reading

  3. Updates to

    Doing some mid-summer cleaning, or updating, around the blog. Things have been busy for me lately and I haven’t had the time to comment or post much here for most of the past year. I just moved my family to … Continue reading

  4. 3 Paths To The Truth

    As I see it, there are three ways a person comes to the truth of the gospel: 1. His desires happen to match up with what the truth is. 2. He is determined to live by the truth, regardless of what … Continue reading

  5. We All Believe What We Want to Believe

    Why do we believe what we believe? Within the past few months I’ve had family members leave the LDS Church, friends and family who were struggling with their testimonies, and countless encounters with persons on this blog who have told … Continue reading

  6. My Mormon friend affiliates with someone who is anti-Mormon, is he breaking his temple covenants?

    As asked by Ann Mere here. My question: I have a mormon friend whose husband is an anti-mormon Christian active in a ministry to save people out of mormonism. When he asks his mormon wife about the mormon church she … Continue reading

  7. MormonDNA Now on Twitter

    Want to follow on Twitter? Find us @mormondna.

  8. What is a Morman?

    In January 2009 there were 60,500 searches on Google for the word “morman”. But what is a Morman, you ask? Wikipedia says that Morman was a Breton chieftain who was declared King after the death of the Bretons’ Frankish overlord … Continue reading

  9. How to Defend Mormonism Using a Blog

    As of this post it has been four months since I launched this blog. The site receives just over 200 visits per month at the moment, with virtually all that traffic coming as a result of the blog ranking in … Continue reading

  10. Mormons and Search Engines

    If you use Google’s Keyword Tool and type in “mormon” you get a list of the top 150 searches on Google that contain the word “mormon” along with the average monthly volume of searches for each keyword. It’s interesting to … Continue reading