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Why are Mormons so weird? How come they don’t let their kids play with my kids? How come they don’t let their kids out on Sundays? Why don’t Mormons drink or smoke? Are Mormons total prudes?

  1. Harsh Judgment

    It’s hard not to judge others, especially in matters of religion. It’s one thing to judge someone as being lazy or shiftless (whatever that means…I guess it’s the opposite of shiftful) and therefore someone you don’t want to hire to … Continue reading

  2. How do Mormons Feel About the Broadway Book of Mormon Play?

    The award-winning Broadway play called “The Book of Mormon”, created by the minds behind the extremely funny and raunchy animated show Southpark, has put an additional spotlight on Mormons when there would already seem to be enough, given that there … Continue reading

  3. Mormon Christmas

    It’s that time of year, and so I figure this is a timely time to answer the question “How do Mormons celebrate Christmas?” I suppose for some, the question might even be “Do Mormons celebrate Christmas?” Yes, Mormons do celebrate … Continue reading

  4. Am I Mormon Just Because I Was Born Into it?

    From a question asked by John on 10 May, 2010 here: You and I were both born into the church to LDS families. If Mormonism is the one true church, wow…..we really hit the jackpot. Extremely lucky, right? Out of … Continue reading

  5. A Response to “A Response to Glenn Beck’s Mormon Conversion Story”

    Yes, Glenn Beck is a Mormon, that is, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Apparently searches for “glenn beck” and “mormon” are pretty common. In reading the afore-linked article, I decided to do a search … Continue reading

  6. Mormon Underwear

    Yes, there is such a thing as “Mormon underwear” although Mormons refer to them as “garments” or “temple garments”. Only Mormons who have “gone through” a Mormon temple (“temples” are different than “churches”), meaning they’ve participated in certain religious ordinances, … Continue reading

  7. If I drink alcohol do Mormons think I’m evil?

    You might be aware that Mormons don’t drink alcohol. If you are, and you’re a drinker yourself, then you might wonder if Mormons think you’re evil, ignorant, misguided, a menace to society, an unfit example for their children, a lowlife, … Continue reading

  8. Why don’t Mormons drink alcohol?

    Because we don’t like to have fun, that’s why! But seriously, Mormons don’t drink alcohol because it’s a commandment of God to members of the Mormon church. It all started when Joseph Smith, the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ … Continue reading