Do Mormons have horns?

“No, but we do have pianos and guitars.” is one way Mormons might respond to this question. Or Mormons might say “Yes, just feel my head right here” and invite the questioner to touch some part of their scalp. They would then ask “Do you feel anything?”




“Not even a little stupid?”

But in all seriousness, I searched for a whole five minutes online and I couldn’t find out where the idea that Mormons have horns originated. I’m not even sure anyone outside of Mormons have ever heard of this. It could be an urban legend that gets passed around within Mormon circles and in reality nobody has ever claimed Mormons have horns. But I have no clue, do you?

One other question, if Mormons do indeed have horns, does that mean if you have horns you’re a Mormon?

  • Peter

    I know a guy who when he was younger went on a mission to a town called Zion Illinois. The town was dominated by a preacher who told the people that Mormons had horns. It was very frustrating to these young missionaries. One day they knocked on a door and the woman who answered said that her minister told her that Mormons have horns. My friends comapion said that they do and asked her to feel his head. He then said "do you feel anything"?. She said "no". He then said "Don't you feel ANYTHING"? She again said "no". He then said "Don't you feel kind of stupid"?

  • NES

    The myth started back in the early days of the Church. It was started and spread by anti-Mormon leaders of the sectarian protestants and believed by many of the mobs that persecuted the early Saints.

    One of my institute instructors told us a story from Church history about an unruly, drunken mob that was on the opposite side of a river from an encampment of Church members, and the members of this mob were shouting threats and working themselves up for an attack. One of the brethren (I don't recall his name) went over to the edge of the river and shouted out to them that if they came across the river they would be gored by our horns. After that, a combination of ignorance and their drunken stupor caused them to slink off quietly into the darkness. This institute instructor also said that early copies of Encyclopedia Britannica stated that Mormons have horns as a statement of fact.

  • Nathan

    The orgin is old English and is older then the church. According to tales cuckolds grew horns. This came into conjunction with polygamy. People against the church claimed we were sexual decadent and unfaithful in marrige and the assumptions is then that The spouse who is being betrayed would grow horns.

  • LeeAnne

    I come from a small town in New Mexico, and during my high school years endured a lot of bullying for being LDS. Yes, I absolutely got accused of having horns, wearing "magic underwear", killing chickens in our Temples, and having sex in the Temple…the list of ignorance can go on and on, and explains why I now live in Utah so I don't have to deal as much with that negativity :)