Category: Mormons and Blacks

Are Mormons total racists or what? Can black people even be members of the Mormon church? Why didn’t the Mormon church allow blacks to hold the priesthood until 1978?

  1. How Could The Church Not Know?

    A commenter on this site asked how is it that the LDS Church, which has a well-regarded habit of detailing its every move and decision, not know how the policy about Blacks not being able to hold the Priesthood was … Continue reading

  2. Is the Book of Mormon Racist?

    Mormons have frequently been decried as racists. These claims seem to come from three sources: 1. Apparently racist statements from the 2nd President and prophet of the Church, Brigham Young. 2. The policy of the LDS Church excluding blacks from … Continue reading

  3. What’s up with Brigham Young and all those racist statements he made?

    This post was created to answer questions posed by commenter MQ_2 on the comment thread for If Joseph Smith was a fraud where did the Book of Mormon come from? Since it was off-topic there, this new post has been … Continue reading

  4. Are Mormons Racist?

    Q: How bout that Brigham Young? He was quite a character. Ever read his stuff? Its a good read if you are into racism and polygamy. A: Yes, Brigham Young did say a lot of interesting things, although much of … Continue reading