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Your mom may have told you never to talk religion or politics around the dinner table but here we’re talking about them both–at the same time!

  1. God, The Only Exception To Libertarian Principles?

    A few years ago I was introduced to libertarianism. I had always shied away from libertarians because I associated them with hippies, a lack of bathing, marijuana, beards, and other bad things. Not that I gave libertarians much thought at … Continue reading

  2. What Political Party Should a Good Mormon Belong To?

    Ha, it’s a trick question because there are no good Mormons, they’re just a bunch of anti-Christ-Joseph-Smith-worshipping-cult-polygamist-freakazoids! Ok, now that I’ve said it, nobody needs to plug up the comments section with irrelevant rants. Today Mormons in the United States … Continue reading

  3. Will All Mormons Vote for Romney?

    Mormons are predominantly Republican, and Mitt Romney is a Republican presidential candidate as well as a Mormon, so you might wonder if this will give Romney a boost in the primaries as well as the general election. Oh yeah, there … Continue reading

  4. What do Mormons Think About Ron Paul?

    As associate of mine wrote a post a few years ago entitled Why Do Latter-day Saints Ignore Ron Paul? I’d like to chime in with my own opinion, having only recently been introduced to Ron Paul’s writings via The Revolution … Continue reading

  5. Why Did Utah Vote Against Prohibition?

    Politically, Utah as a whole is more or less controlled by Mormon culture. Salt Lake City itself is not, but the rest of the state outvotes the more liberal-leaning SLC. When the 18th Amendment became law, outlawing the sale of … Continue reading

  6. Do Mormons Hate Gays?

    The best article from an LDS author on the topic of gay marriage is Homosexual “Marriage” and Civilization by science fiction writer Orson Scott Card. But it’s pretty long and you might have a short attention span so I’ll try … Continue reading

  7. Prop 8 – Why Are Mormons Being Targeted?

    Wow, this Prop 8 thing in California has been quite the hot topic lately, and initially I was surprised at how much attention the LDS Church was getting, given that there were plenty of other faiths involved. But upon further … Continue reading

  8. Why are all Mormons Republicans?

    First of all, they aren’t, just most of them, perhaps. James E. Faust was in the First Presidency of the LDS Church, which means he was in the top 3 as far as leaders are concerned, and he was a … Continue reading

  9. Do all Mormons love Romney?

    The short answer is “Yes” and the long answer is “Yes, with some exceptions.” Mormons overwhelmingly voted for Mitt Romney in the primaries. No surprise there. Even I, whom I consider to be an extremely objective and intelligent human being, … Continue reading

  10. Do Mormons hate Huckabee?

    Good heavens no. Just because Romney is a Mormon and Huckabee used Romney’s religion as a wedge to draw votes away from Romney which resulted in both Huckabee and Romney losing the primaries and McCain winning? No, I don’t think … Continue reading